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‘Reasonableness’ and the GRA — a clash of rights

As someone heavily involved in disability activism, I’m naturally inclined to champion the rights of marginalised groups. Most of the time, finding common ground builds solidarity. Often you find aims are aligned, even if the reasons for those aims are different, because being part of a marginalised minority gives us a baseline of understanding from which to work. Sometimes, though, two movements will reach an impasse. I was both surprised and saddened by what I found when I began immersing myself in the gender debate in the context of female-only spaces and exclusions based on sex, which is currently a protected characteristic under the Equality Act (EA). Moving towards self-identification with no proof required would mean any male could enter female-only spaces and to most this may seem like Not A Big Deal — most of the males I know now are kind and wonderful but my past is littered with sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by males who now will be able to access vulnerable women.…

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