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Dear 'Topman' James O'Brien

"What the hell gives you the right to tell other people what they should be feeling about themselves?"

Said LBC's James O'Brien, talking over a female caller as she expressed her concerns about losing female-only changing spaces against a backdrop of male violence masquerading as gender politics. Well James, what I feel about myself is that I'm vulnerable in a state of undress, just as I am whilst fully dressed and in an everyday situation. I have learned to rely on sex segregation even though I know that across the world, sex segregation is also used as a weapon to keep women out of public life. I'd like my choice - if you can call it that - to keep males out of the small number of spaces where I don't expect them to be, respected. But James has the right to tell me what I should be feeling about myself, doesn't he? Stupid women, "What are you worried I might do?". 
Back in my twenties, I felt slightly ever so slightly smug about my apparent …

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