Flags outside my house as it gets dark and empty,
Armies are gathering tonight with me,
You fight talk with feelings.
Trees swaying over our heads stop us flying,
In a mirror's stare looking,
Who do you see?

I saw you,
Blue eyes in the moment,
You were animal who fights instinct,
But fails.

Always plagued by the feeling of invincibility,
Test results and days in the hospital,
All to prove I am human.
This memory's like a sharpened knife point,
Resting between my eyes,

We are the precious few,
Who hang together half-said lines,
We rock on our heels and swim against the moon.

As long as I am animal too,
And we still remember,
Our instincts will hold us together,
No matter who or what,
No history or unwritten rules,
This is written.

Hear me echo in your ears,
See me walking ahead,
Feel me grazing your skin.
There is nowhere else,
No answer beyond this,
I stay in your head.
Count me in,
Learn my name,
Trust my words,
For you are just an animal.


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