A bird in a box

I'm big in this city, 
Walking in my world with my thoughts.
The claws of the trees close around my head,
For a second i stop thinking,
My feet slide,
Although I forget to walk,
And time becomes smaller like a hole.

Cracks in the pavement,
Gaps in my memory.
I'm trailing this impossible dream
Of finding the lost
Helping the lonely.
These souls walking the streets,
Hallucinating me.

That swarm of bees died in the snow,
Weighed down to drown,
Tiny workers bodies broken,
One whole city lost in a blizzard

Maybe i would find your heart out in the street,
Under the billion flakes
Frozen and cracked
And i would bring it home like a bird, in a box,
With a broken wing...
Sew up the splits and keep it by the fire

Or maybe i wouldn't see it underfoot,
And i'd crush it in the tread of my shoe,
Your tiny love broken,
One whole soul lost in a blizzard.


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