Are we nearly there yet? (11th March 2009)

No, I don't have a problem with the word 'ambient' - not as much as an 'aks'... 

I can be judgemental, or just temperamental, I'm infallible when it comes to the horse's mouth. 

Dr. Spinkle talks of failure, exams and threats of exclusion from this class of reprobates. I think I know what the answer is: I've forgotten my lunch of extra strong mints today, and my mouth tastes strangely real. 

Stop asking me where I come from, I have the blood of a wolf, and I don't like the smell of liars. 

Hunger pains, and the air of money lost, my grandfather went to jail for being like me... Have you got a line in mind? 

I'm trying to make a transition, or pretend there's one to be made - let's not be guilty until charged. 

Running is training and a mile is only how far we've come. 

The rules of men are not the rules at all, each one sets his own according to how life goes for him, we must be cruel to be kind (to ourselves). 

Superstition and the starving of the human heart. 


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